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Due to the pending acquisition of Brandito GmbH by the US company West Coast Trust Services Inc. and the strategic restructuring and evaluation planned by West Coast Trust, sales of PixelBit coins and marketing campaigns are temporarily suspended. PixelBit sales as well as public trade via several exchanges will resume once the acquisition has been finalized and sales have been greenlit by West Coast Trust Services Inc. We will be posting updated information here as it becomes available. Thanks for your patience from team PixelBit.

The first digital currency for gamers and game developers

PixelBit revolutionizes online gaming by providing a universal and innovative solution for micro transactions, online gambling and much more.

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  • Revolutionary - PixelBit provides a unified gaming currency for gamers and developers.

  • Innovative - no other project has managed to develop a unified currency that can be easily implemented on all gaming platforms.

  • For gamers and game developers - we address the needs of both by providing the possibility for passive income generation.

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What is PixelBit?

What is PixelBit?

PIXELBIT (PXB Coin) is a dedicated currency based on the blockchain that serves as a foundation for In-Game purchases, unlocking additional content as well as an ingenious system for earning real money while playing games.

It is our goal to build an innovative system that not only incentivises game developers to implement, but also provides tangible, real-world rewards to gamers playing PXB-enabled games.

  • Gamers

    Possibility for gamers to earn passive income while playing their favorite games.

  • Developers

    Flexible APIs for easy implementation for developers.

  • Online

    Wide array of use cases, including P2P marketplaces for in-game purchases and online gambling sites.

PixelBit: For gamers and developers

  • Gamers

    By both giving gamers the ability to earn currency during gameplay a well as directly allowing them to spend that currency for in-game rewards and additional content, we aim to create a living ecosystem that makes gaming even more lucrative, enjoyable and worthwile.

  • Game Developers

    PixelBit gives developers the opportunity to handle their in-game purchases via an actual, inherently valuable digital currency that is compatible across all kinds of platforms and games. This results in several measurable benefits for both publishers and gamers.

Why Blockchain

  • Usability

    With our intelligent APIs we allow every developer to implement PixelBit in virtually any system, including Unity, Unreal and other famous engines.

  • Trust

    Equally appealing opportunities for players arise as well with the possibility to earn passive income while they play their favorite games.

  • Security

    Every user of blockchain-based currency has a private password to their own address on the chain that stores their own currency ownership and transactions.

  • Low fees

    By using blockchain we can eliminate the middle-man such as 3rd party P2P marketplaces that charge high commissions.

Our Launch

In order to give early adopters an easy opportunity to get into PixelBit as well as provide timeframes for in-game implementation, we are planning a staggered release of initial PXB supplies. While the total stock of PXB coins will be fixed at 100.000.000 PXB and will be mainly available through the in-game APIs, we will sell certain amounts on public exchanges.

  • Symbol

  • Coin Supply

    100.000.000 PXB
  • Blockchain Specs

    Smart Contract
  • Softcap

    5.000.000 €
  • Private Sale

    20.000.000 PXB
  • Participation Method

  • Hardcap

    20.000.000 €
  • Main Sale

    30.000.000 PXB
  • Start Sale

Coin Distribution

Number of PXB

  • A) Founders stock

  • B) In-game stock

  • C) Round 1

  • D) Round 2

  • E) Round 3

  • F) Reserved stock

Funds Distribution
  • Development and technology

  • Marketing

  • HR, finance, operations


Why invest in PixelBit?

  • Proprietary design

    We have designed PixelBit from the ground up for maximum cross-platform interoperability and are providing a set of intuitive and easy to use tools for developers.

  • Cross-platform

    To make it as easy as possible to implement PixelBit into games, we’ll be launching a set of tools and API’s, both tailored towards certain third-party game engines like Unity, Unreal, etc. as well as custom solutions.

  • Wide uses

    PixelBit is also usable in online gambling - Adopting PixelBit early as the main currency used in all games can give online casinos a significant advantage in the form of a semi-unique selling point.

  • For developers and gamers

    PixelBit gives developers the opportunity to handle their in-game purchases via an actual, inherently valuable digital currency that is compatible across all kinds of platforms and games.

Phase 01: Start
  • 01/2019 Launch of PixelBit
  • 04/2019 PixelBit Tools and APIs become available to select partners
  • 05/2019 Private Sale starts
  • 06/2019 PixelBit Tools and APIs become publically available
  • 06/2019 Public sale starts
  • 07/2019 Founding of a premium development studio
  • From 08/2019 Development of more small games and apps
  • 12/2019 Launch of game Rocket Sharks
Phase 02: Expansion
  • 01/2020 Sponsoring of e-sports and gaming events
  • 01/2020 First private beta of social app Frox
  • Q2/2020 First content update for Rocket Sharks
  • 03/2020 Public beta of social app Frox
  • 06/2020 First beta of open world game (title tba)
  • 07/2020 Public launch of social app Frox
  • 08/2020 Attendance of Gamescon



    With great experience in several areas of research, mathematics, programming, science, theology and sales, Rudolf was an exciting pick as CEO. Due to his excellent people skill, his great instincts, valuable insight and sense of leadership, he keeps a firm hand on the wild beast that is Brandito.


    After decades in banking, finance and investment, H. Kapin decided to get into currencies and start his own company. He now oversees day-to-day operations at Brandito as well as human resources and investor relations.

  • P. MAREWSKI Executive Creative Director

    With more than 12 years of experience in design, animation, programming and marketing, Phillip was an ideal choice for creative director. He handles and supervises all of our creative processes - from app design and development to our online presence and marketing campaigns.

  • T. ARMANN Director of communications

    In search of a new challenge after gaining customer relations experience in real estate and the hotel industry, Tim was brought into the fold as director of communications. He manages most of our advertising, public relations, B2B relationships and general communications.

  • D. KRALJEVIC Senior Art Director

    With years of creative experience in a huge range of graphics and design, from branding and corporate design, up to advertising and direct marketing, David handles most of our visual identity and graphic communication. Due to his creativity and being an excellent team player, David is an integral member of our team.


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